News Bulletin

News Bulletin – 10th December 2014

NEW- We are pleased to announce a new club fun night where we will hold a small Handicap competition with a group pizza night afterwards. 

Club Nights – Bathgate will be open on Monday 22nd December and again on Monday 29th December (not in between) but will not re-open until Monday 5th January.

Highlight Event – As you know, we had a very successful day with Team Scotland during October but we are now in advanced negotiations to bring in Li Chao early 2015. 

Club Playing Strip – the new shirt is available from Keith at a cost of £15 which you will find is excellent value. We are also just about to adopt a new tracksuit at a cost of £30 as follows Orders will be taken by John. Wearing these also raises the club profile.

We have noticed that the recent quality of printing is not up to the usual standard and you should mention to Keith any problem so that we can take it up with the printer.

Website – A new website is currently being developed to replace  By using the website, Facebook and Twitter we hope to reduce our direct communication with you but still provide you with even more news and information.

West Lothian League & Handicap Cup – these important competitions were a disappointment last season in that so many fixtures remain uncompleted and did not receive the support they deserved. They are important on several levels:

  1. they provide the opportunity to welcome new members and encourage members to mix
  2. they provide an entry level competition for the new and improving player
  3. they help the club to grow, help keep costs down for all members and even make the club a more attractive proposition when requesting funds from governmental departments
  4. they discourage cliques and feelings of ‘not wanted’ and ‘not good enough’

If you have not so far been included, and would like to be, please speak with Ralph Taylor who will issue updated league tables in the next few days.

Committee – Drew McLaren (chair), John McCulloch (Vice Chair), Dave Stephen (Secretary), Keith MacKay (Treasurer), Matt Meecham, Ros Beck (Child Protection Officer), Benny Flockhart, Russell Swan, Gary Swinton & Ralph Taylor

Edinburgh League 2014/5 – there are now eight teams but match nights will be more spread out than last season to allow members more access to the club for West Lothian League and/or practice.

Scottish Veterans Association – Read about their activities on the Vets website at  Barrie Hills represented Scotland yet again at the Six Nations Championships in September.

First AidIf any member of the club has a current first aid qualification please contact Ros. Also, if you would like to participate in a short course let her know.

German Coaching Course – as you know a group of members attended a week’s intensive coaching/training course summer 2013 and a repeat visit is now being mooted for around June 2015. Find information at At some point over the next couple of months we’ll ask for expressions of interest.

Members – you will note that the club has attracted a number of new members and every effort should be made to welcome and encourage them so that they can soon be in a position to take part in all the club activities.

Internet Coverage of Major Tournaments is the place to go for for live coverage of big events and up to date news. Also, ITTF has introduced a new monthly “Pongcast” service which can be found at http://youtube/JDdPzIwhS5I

Secondary Schools – The National Secondary Schools Championships will take place at Bathgate on 21st February 2015.

Primary Schools – the National Championships were recently held at Bathgate and Holly Stephen finished in third place which qualifies her for the Scottish team due to compete in the Six Nations Championships next June.

Equipment – the club has taken possession of two of the tables used in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games as part of the Games Legacy.

Photos – as always, I need as many photos as possible for newspaper articles and club’s website. Meantime, you will find a large number on Facebook but still to be shown on club’s website. 

2014 West Lothian Closed Championships – Roll of Honour

                             Winner(s)                     Runner(s) Up

Open Singles       Stan Stoodley             Matt Meecham

Ladies                  Ros Beck                     Holly Stephen

Doubles              D Szymczak/L Kaska   S Stoodley/J McCulloch

Juniors                Jamie Arnott                 Calum Stephen

Consolation        Martin Rumsay            Szymon Pawlik

Ballot Doubles    D Szymczak/S Pawlik  L Kaska/A Mohammed

Ping Pong           Dave Fletcher              Calum Stephen


Next year’s championships will be held on Sunday April 26th 2015.

SportScotland Survey – the club recently undertook a survey, the results of which are shown below we were advised that it was excellent. This is seen as a run up to an audit by WLC later this year when we hope to gain a prestigious Clubmark/Accreditation.

West Lothian Table Tennis Club
Organisation 91.67 %
Connections 88.89 %
Promotion 55.56 %
Sustainability 100.00 %
People 100.00 %
Facilities 66.67 %

 Annual General Meeting – next year’s AGM was held on Thursday 4th June 2015.

Trophies – Please note that a receipt will be taken from the recipients of the various trophies.

Junior Coaching/League – previous sessions discontinued end June but now considering a follow up.

Table Tennis Scotland – find (inter)national news at the following:

Facebook – Some club notices, individual results and events are posted but there can be even more coverage if you participate. Become a “Friend” or “Like It” today and please, please contribute. You can find it at  

Royal Dynasty Youth Championships – will be held at Bathgate on Sunday 8th February 2015. 

West Lothian Courier – there is a weekly column in the West Lothian Courier during the competitive season.

Lothians Open Championships – the decision was taken with regret to give up on this tournament.