Summary of ELTTL AGM (4th May 2015)




The ELTTL officials each provided a summary of the past season, including a review of how the expanded number of divisions has worked, some of the problems that have been encountered during the season and many of the successes. Hopefully, some of the rule changes and planned work in relation to the league constitution (more of that later) will continue to improve the administration of the league but in general it was felt that the league continues to run smoothly.


The financial position of the ELTTL was reported on as stable and summary accounts were discussed. These will be circulated with the AGM minutes.


ELTTL & WLTTC Sporting Performance


The performances of teams within the league structure were discussed and prizes awarded for each of the Divisions. WL1 finished as runners-up in the Premier Division, our best ever performance, and a real credit to the Club as the winning Murrayfield team were very strong.


For the very first time, Edinburgh (including Lukasz and Holly from West Lothian) won the Stewart McGowan trophy as the overall winners at the Inter-League Tournament in Largs. Both West Lothian representatives were winners in their own categories.


Calum won the trophy for the Most Improved Player over the season across all of the ELTTL Divisions.


Substantive matters – Voting on rule changes and constitutional matters.



This was voted on in two parts using Johns’ text. Clauses 5 and 11 were considered as a package and separately and the decision taken at the AGM was that the constitution must be amended but that this should be subjected to a more thorough review to clarify membership, voting rights and mechanisms and add a more transparent structure to the constitution so that it is easier to understand. A sub-committee has been set up to start this work and either an EGM will be called to vote on this or it will wait until the next AGM before being implemented.


Start times

Flexibility remains for start time but these will not be before 18:30 unless agreed and teams will still be expected to communicate if they are going to be late. There will no longer be a match concession for lateness but if a team (or team member) is late, then games will be conceded in the event that all match games are not completed. The concession will be to the team who were all there on time, as there is a foreseeable circumstance where a home team player is late.



All intra-club postponements must be played within 4 weeks of the scheduled match date. Inter-club postponements can be extended longer provided a rescheduled date is agreed between the clubs and entered onto the on-line system 7 days either side of the original date.



If 2 teams from the same club use substitutes in the same match then the higher ranked substitute must play for the higher ranked team, ranked in number not necessarily league position at that time.


Entering scores

Fines for failing to enter scores on time will be on a flat £5 basis every time. This must be input within 96 hours (4 days) of the match being played. Other responsibilities remain the same.



Home teams will offer 3 dates to their opponents who will then have the choice, the home team will be the one from the higher division. The match will be decided on the result of the doubles in the event of a 5-5 draw. Other rules remain the same as previously.


Out of order players

Grossly out of order players will not be allowed to play any doubles throughout the season unless only 2 players are available.


Election of Office Bearers


League President                      – Lindsay Muir (Murrayfield)

Vice President                          – Alan Easton (Corstorphine)

Secretary                                  – Lynn Sommerville (Murrayfield)

Match Secretary                        – David Stephen (West Lothian)

Treasurer                                   – Russell Frith ()

On-line Administrator                 – Robert Inder (Edinburgh International)


Additional Committee Representative from West Lothian – Graham Chambers


We will have more of a chance to discuss this at the committee meeting on Thursday and at the club AGM.