WLVII v Fife IV 7-3

Report by Ros Beck:

WLVII were pleased to welcome our old Fife adversaries Davy and Maurice, along with Neil who is new to the Edinburgh League, but an experienced player. We were a little apprehensive about the result based on prior team and individual rankings, but I think luck was with us as we won all three of the five enders with the final end being 11-9 or 11-8 in each case.

Tommy Hamill joined us from Team VII due to current lack of a third available player. He was somewhat reluctant as it would be his last playing up without necessitating a team move. He certainly made a great contribution winning two, plus the doubles with Bob. Neil got the better of all of us and is currently sitting top of the rankings for Division 4.

Bob won two of his three matches in straight sets though the last game with Maurice was close. I had played Maurice a few years ago in Inverkeithing, another marathon five ender, and he won that time. With both Maurice and Davy being defensive players the best tactic for me anyway seemed to be just returning everything and not trying anything fancy. This made for rather long nerve racking rallies. It was lucky we had two tables as this match of long rallies and five-enders would have overrun badly on one.

At one point Davy thought he was distracted by a dog whistle, a la Penicuik, but it was just Bill the Janitor pulling badminton stands across the squeaky floor. I think we are all so used to it it doesn’t register.

We’re second in the table now, but with half a season to go anything could happen.