Another successful away outing: WLVII v NM VI

Report by Ros Beck:

Another successful away outing. Bob, Kevin and I beat young Alex McKay, Tim and son Kai (a name that takes me back to school  Ancient Greek lessons) Hely 8-2. Kevin was playing up from Team VIII after only a day back in the UK, having been in Spain. He proved a model player, winning two individual matches, and also offering to drive on his first outing as a sub for Team VII. Having taken a six year break from the league, he is getting back into form and these were his first individual wins this season. Bob and I won all our singles.

Bob and Kevin played the doubles. It was a fast and exciting match with the opponents Kai and Alex hitting everything as hard and fast as possible, to win. Tim was reluctant to umpire the doubles with his son playing, but he did it very impressively, writing numerous notes, teacher style, on the back of the scorecard, and announcing who was serving to whom throughout the game.

The downstairs hall at the Merchiston Club had been done up since my last visit -rather an unusual sludge green colour in part, but with a nice new wooden floor. Much more welcoming, and with club coaching going on next to us, it was possible to leave the room without lumbering through another league match as one often has to upstairs. I noticed that there were several young female players getting coached, one of them being Amelia. Not sure what NM’S secret is but WLTTC and some other league clubs seem to find it more difficult to attract young female players.

Only one match to go now before the Christmas break, but could be a tricky one with Fife high in the league table. Wish us luck!