West Lothian VII v Edinburgh International V

Report by Ros Beck:

Another good evening for WLVII with an 8-2 win for the regulars Bob, John and Ros over longstanding league players Alan, John and Mike, who were pleased to have had  a good journey out, having been held up by a burning car on their last trip to Bathgate. Bob won all his matches in his usual calm manner, though two did go to four ends. John lost his first match against Alan. He tells me he always seems to lose his first match of the evening, so perhaps ought to try a serious scored match during warm up to get the losing match out of the way. My first match against Mike seemed interminable going to five ends with a 17-19 second game and comments being made about the umpire falling asleep. Quite a few lets due to balls flying about the fairly busy hall also slowed things down, and made me wonder as usual why the dividers couldn’t be a few feet higher, and made of clear perspex if spectator visibility is the problem. One to patent perhaps. Mike won in the end. I notice that quite a few defensive players such as he and Alan do come up with good aggressive forehands now and then, which not all of us have mastered.

After that the rest of the match went West Lothian’s way with no burning of the midnight oil, or reprimands for our tardiness this time.

When discussing these reports Bob gave me permission to make rude comments about him, as I notice the best other clubs’ reports do about their players. Nothing comes to mind yet  but I’ll probably manage it accidentally soon.

Musing over the three WL teams in Division 4, I notice that in individual league ranking terms the strongest players are split between the three teams. Judging by our experiences with Penicuik so far, maybe something similar applies to them.  This applies for valid reasons such as players rapidly improving or individuals wanting to bring on junior members, but seems to lead to exciting rivalry rather than an invincible team.

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