Match report by John McCulloch:

On an exceptionally busy club night West Lothian teams were due to host ESC3 and Penicuik 2 but as these teams arrived club officials immediately referred to their watches. Chance had brought a selection of the League’s ‘more defensive’ players to test WLTTC’s patience and resolve with their individual weaponries which included long pimples, anti loop rubbers and hard bats. With time also a possible enemy WLTTC teams were ‘encouraged’ to get on with it.

Given the problems surrounding regular team selections the WLTTC team 5 was pleased to field a team which did not rely on external support, and in Barrie, Holly & Jozef were hopeful of a positive result. Since returning at the end of last season Barrie has gradually got stronger and this was supported by his performances. In winning his three singles he dropped only one set, to fellow veteran Dave McLaren. In recent months Holly has started to produce performances to match her ability and also won all her singles, but with no little effort against Jonas Falter where it went to 14-12 in the decider. Jozef has proved a great find and is having a great first season marked by powerful looping and even more powerful hitting. On this occasion, though, the slower and more dogged style of his opponents really caused him some self doubt and problems. Gary Woodhouse not only took him to five ends, like Dave, but proved ESC’s only winner in the singles. Holly & Jozef lost the doubles. Still, a good two points and a welcome 8-2 victory.

As the night came to a conclusion club officials were able to re-store their copies of the Expedite Rule entirely unused – until the next time!

match scorecard